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MamaMarked is your flea market

  • You can rent a stall and sell your things
  • You buy things i our shop and online

When renting a stall (rack, hanger rack, locked glass display, single shelves, floor space and much more) you can also select add-on services making things easier. Things are dynamic and you will see all while booking.

You create and maintain every product you want to sell and you add images and category as you like. All making it easier to display your things. All products will get its own free price labels.

You can follow your economy online and also keep an eye on next payment day.

In short

You buy and sell your products as on an ordinary flea market, but without being there yourself. You can pry the prices if you think the prices are too high.

Where to start

Start by finding the things you do not use anymore. Search the basement, attic, garage and everywhere.

When you are ready click Booking in left menu and pick the stall(s) you want one by one.

You get your own shop in minutes and notice that things you do not use anymore will have great value for other people. And you will earn more than you think.

Our shop is open 7 days a week and we do the best we can to attract customers.

Our shop is cozy and it never rains. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at things.

In general

When renting a stall you get a personal login and your own menu from where you can track your personal information, products and economy.

You can use any device and also your smartphone.

In shop or from home

I make no difference. When renting a stall you can create your items either from home or at our customer terminals in the shop. Add products and images as you like and make sure they are listed in our web-shop.

When you add/maintain products from home you print labels in our shop when necessary.