Terms & Conditions


Terms Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as it stipulates the terms of a legally binding agreement between you (reader) and MamaMarked.

We have divided our trading terms into two main sections, one that is relevant to you who rent a stall and sell goods and another for you buying goods in our business or on-line.

Please note that all purchases and sales are subject to our terms of trade and we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. We aim to have a set of conditions that cater to all our customers, both those who buy and sell, and the goal of our customer service is to satisfy all customers.


Complaints and Returns

As a buyer, be aware of the following:

  • When you buy used items in our store or online, it is private trade where the other party is the seller/owner of the goods you buy. Therefore, the General Provisions Act does not apply and there are, for example, no complaint or return. However, if you have a problem with an item, we recommend that you contact us and we will do what we can to find a solution.
  • All used items are sold as is. The seller’s identity is known by MamaMarked, and we may contact you, if necessary, when a valid cash receipt or invoice is submitted. However, we do not provide the name, address, e-mail or telephone number of private vendors without their acceptance unless there are criminal offenses such as sale of stolen goods. In that case we cooperate with the police and others.
  • Some of our customers are companies selling new or used goods, for example. residual parties and the like. Here are the general provisions of the Sales Act. If you order such items online, you also have 14 days returnable. Requests regarding complaints must be made directly to the seller and not to MamaMarked.

It will be indicated indirectly by the price tag and / or the description on our website whether a product is sold by an individual or a company, and in the last case if the item is new or used.


It is important that you as a seller have read and are familiar with our procedures. Violation of these conditions may result in a warning, and in case of gross or repeated occurrence, exclusion from selling with us. Pay special attention to the ID Control rules so you do not go in vain!

  • MamaMarked reserves the right to change trading conditions and both buyers and sellers are required to keep informed.

Hire Stall(s)

Rental of stalls are in accordance with current price list. Prices are minimum prices and may vary. The current price will be announced when you order a stall. In addition to the stand-by, you can choose additional services, such as to choose a particular condition or daily cleanup and email with photo of your condition. When booking the lease, stand-by and any additional benefits (see price list) are paid in advance.

Your items can be placed in the shop opening hours, from 1 hour before closing time the day before your rental period starts or by appointment.

Stall fees are paid prior to ordering in our business or on-line.


Paid rent of stall(s) and additional services are non-refundable and no cancellation right applies.

Determining prices

All items are sold at prices determined by the seller, and MamaMarked is not responsible for the pricing being correct. Thus, it is the responsibility of sellers to check labels that are determined on the goods before they are displayed.


A commission of all sales is withdrawn and you are advised to keep up to date with the current commission rate in our price list. When you sell as a private customer, VAT is recognized in the current commission.

Prohibited goods

Under no circumstances may the following items be sold in our shop:

  • Food and dietary supplements
  • Medicine and narcotic / euphoric substances
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons, including baby spray, bags and the like, ammunition, air guns and guns
  • Illegally copied products (including fake designer goods, pirated CDs, DVDs, software, games and the like)
  • Hazardous materials, including chemicals, explosives, pressure bottles, etc.
  • Offensive material, including pornographic material, sex toys, etc. – Our wide audience includes families with children
  • Goods like MamaMarked also find inappropriate. Our staff is entitled at all times to reject goods.

If such goods are on a stall, they will be removed and possibly. disposed of at the seller’s expense.

Illegal goods are handed to the police along with information about the seller identity.

MamaMarked also reserves the right to reject:

  • Defective goods
  • Items that have not been fully cleaned. This applies to all products applies and especially to clothes. MamaMarked reserves the right to remove such product without warning.

Ownership of exhibited goods

Seller insists on having unrestricted ownership and the right to dispose of and sell the goods.

Please note the section on “Rental Period Expire” below. If the goods are not collected as agreed, MamaMarked may discard these and charge a fee for this service.

Ownership will automatically transfer to MamaMarked and no compensation will be granted in connection with this.

Products without proper price tag are not allowed to leave the shop. If you find such we kindly ask you hand them to our staff.

Valuable goods

Higher priced goods can be displayed in locked glass displays that can be rented separately.

  • Note that MamaMarked does not assume responsibility or compensate for lost, damaged or stolen goods.
  • As an owner, you carry the risk yourself and take care of eventual insurance. This possibly. through own household insurance, which will normally cover these costs.

We unquestionably report all shop thefts to the police.

In the event of theft, damage, fire, water damage or the like, no form of compensation is granted.

None of your goods are covered by our insurance.

Rental Period Expire

Stalls must be emptied the last day of your rental period. However, it is possible to extend the rental period before expiration.

However, this requires that your condition is available. If this is not the case, we will normally be able to assign an alternative location.

The stall must be emptied and cleaned no later than 1 hour before closing time, so that a new tenant has the opportunity to exhibit his items.

If the stall is emptied after the rental period expires, an additional day’s stall fee will be charged. This rule applies because we offer our customers to post their goods one hour before closing the day before their rental period begins.

When a stall is cleared, the following applies:

  • You are not allowed to remove price tags/labels as business staff should have the opportunity to check goods leaving the store. This to secure your objects against theft
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the stall(s) are left tidy and clean
  • If the stall is not cleared as agreed, a take-down fee and possibly. a disposal fee will be charged.
  • A rental period will NOT continue automatically unless agreed in advance.
  • MamaMarked can not guarantee that you will get the same location in our shop if you wish to continue the rental period after expire.
  • If your specific stall is reserved, you will be offered another stall if there are available stalls in the shop. In that case, you may be charged a fee for moving your goods to the new stall if you do not take care of this.
  • If there are no available stalls or you do not extend your rental period within the time limit above, the condition will be deducted and you will be charged a fee.
  • The fee covers the storage of your items for a week.
  • Subsequently, the ownership of your items will be transferred to MamaMarked free of charge. This will be followed by a disposal fee charged.
  • The storage period may be extended against payment. If for any reason you are unable to retrieve your items, please contact customer service before the expiry date.
  • If MamaMarked has a receivable from you, this must be settled before your goods can leave our shop.

Payment of Profit

The profit/surplus of your sales is transferred directly to your bank account according to the following rules:

  • If you are Id validated, you can immediately apply your receivable for purchase of goods in our business.
  • MamaMarked will await your identification
  • Payment of profits from your sale will take place the 15th of each month. On this day, profits are calculated of sales made from primo to ultimo  previous month.
  • MamaMarked reserves the right to postpone payments in connection with weekends and holidays.
  • MamaMarked reserves the right to deduct any applicable fees, standings, etc. from your balance before settling.
  • No payment will be made:
    • if your rental period has been exceeded without removing your items
    • have not agreed an extension
    • or if there are other outstanding issues.
  • In that case, you will receive payment on the next payout date after these balances have been settled.
  • For security reasons, we operate with low cash reserves, so you can not expect to be paid in cash.
  • Payment requires that your account is validated, see section about ID Control.

ID Control

We want MamaMarked to be a safe place for both buyers and sellers. Therefore, we require you to legitimize yourself before you can sell your items. We do this to ensure our customers and our customers against the sale of illegal goods or supplies in our store.

ID control can be done in one of the following ways:

  • On our website you can use ID to validate your account.
  • You can provide valid photo ID to the staff at the store. Valid image ID is a passport or driving license, or other official document with photo issued by a Swedish authority or authority in another EU country.
  • It is not possible to print price labels/tags and put items for sale before your account is validated in one of the above ways. The staff in our stores are not allowed to waive this rule.

It is therefore important that you bring ID or valid photo ID the first time you visit our shop.

Once your account is validated, MamaMarked will be able to pay your profits to the disclosed bank account. If you want to change your bank account, your surplus must be paid to, please re-validate your account – this to prevent unauthorized changes.

In connection with payment of excess sales, MamaMarked reserves the right to set off any fees that the bank may charge.

Mamarket does not pay profit off sales when the account is not validated.


All prices are quoted incl. VAT. For private individuals, sales of your used goods are VAT-free, but VAT is settled by the Commission (this does not matter to what you get paid). That’s all you need to know if you sell as an individual.

If you sell as a company, you must be VAT registered and you must provide Company Number upon creation. For sales of taxable goods you must indicate prices incl. VAT when you create items. By entering a Company Number we can bill correctly. Your Company Number will be displayed on sales receipt / cash receipt, and you will be responsible for settling the VAT according to Skatverket. As a VAT-registered seller you pay the declared commission price of the price incl. VAT, but you will receive an invoice from us so you can deduct the VAT from the Commission from your VAT account.

For example, by a commission of 20%:

  • You place the price of one item for SEK 100,00 incl. VAT.
  • We bill the buyer on your behalf. Your company number and a invoice number. will be shown in the cash register / online invoice, where the selling price is stated at SEK 100.00, of which VAT is SEK 20.00.
  • We charge you £ 20.00 incl. VAT (of which VAT is SEK 4.00) in commission.
  • We will pay you SEK 80.00, which is the selling price deducted from our commission of 20.00 incl. VAT.
  • You will then have to pay VAT of 100.00, while SEK 20.00 is a taxable amount of which you can deduct SEK. 4.00 from your VAT account – this will appear from your invoice.
  • In practice, you can follow movements in your account online. You will be able to collect a complete invoice showing stand-by, sales, commission and any fees that are attributed. In addition, printing of sales invoices can be downloaded. All the information you need for your VAT account will be shown in these.

Security & Privacy

It’s important that you keep your password on the MamaMarked website in a safe place to prevent others from misusing your account.

If you sell used goods as a private individual, we will never disclose your identity to buyers or others. Your identity will only be disclosed to the police or other relevant authorities in case of suspicion of unlawful circumstances or claimed by a court order. If a buyer wishes to contact you regarding a product you have sold, we offer the buyer to send you an email or text message with his / her contact information so that you can contact the buyer.

If, on the other hand, you sell goods as a company, your company number and company name etc. appear by cashier or online invoice. Buyers will therefore be able to contact you directly, for example. in order to make use of their right of claim or right of withdrawal. As a company, you are responsible for meeting your obligations under the Purchasing Act, Product Liability, etc., as if you had sold directly to the Customer.

We store your information for use with our customer relationship, and you can log in and see all the data we have about you at any time. Your password is only encrypted and we will never ask you to provide your password. Your personal identification number is used for validation only and will be deleted immediately after validation has been completed. We store your account number in encrypted form for payment purposes.

MamaMarked do not keep other information about you than you can see yourself. We never share or sell your information to other companies for marketing purposes. without your prior express consent.

MamaMarked is fully updated regarding EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).


MamaMarked’s website uses cookies alone to make your experiences better for you. We do NOT keep any other information about you.


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