Flea Market – Car Boot Sale

Realize the value of fleas, second-hand, antiques, vintage, retro and things you do not use anymore…

Flea Marked – Monday to Sunday

Car Boot Sale – Saturday and Sunday – Starting again in April

BOOK NOW if you are for recycling. Already you’ve come to the right place whether you want sell or buy! MamaMarked has lots of different things for sale in our shop. – And of course we have plenty of space for the things you want to recycle.

  • Book a Stall and get an account

  • Add Products & Print Labels

  • Exhibit your products on your stall

  • Follow Your Sales & Bank

Whenever you are ready, you can book a stall (shelving, rack, glass vitrine, floor space and much more) and you can be in business in minutes. Please follow our guides.

  • Book space for Car Boot sale in advance or when showing up

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First of all login to your account with your email address and your password. You will see your Your MamaMarked in the menu top right. Take a look around.


Locate and click “Products” and then “Add Products”. Create your products one by one. Add description, images, prices and more. As much as you like.


Bring you products to our shop and we will help you to print free price labels which you attach on you products. Now put your things on you stall and your are in business for real.


Sooner than you know you can see your sale (Click “Sold Products”) and your income. In a short while your money is on its way to your bank account.

In a short time you will see your sales in your private account and MamaMarked will make sure you get your outcome quickly.

Notice that you will find many different types of stalls in the booking system and certainly those you are needing. We also offer a number of add-on services making everything convenient for you.